Earlier this year, Bell Canada announced a blockbuster $3.38 billion offer to buy Astral Media Inc. Bell Canada is already one of the country’s largest companies with more than $17 billion in annual revenue and owns massive media empires like CTV and TSN. Now, it wants to buy yet another competitor, Astral Media Inc., the company that provides HBO Canada, The Movie Network, Family, Viewers Choice, and many other popular TV channels. They would control 37.6% of TV viewing in Canada, more than twice the amount of its largest competitor. Ottawa must stop this deal.

If you don’t like what this deal will mean for you, and if you agree that healthy competition keeps prices in check, creates more jobs, and leads to better service, tell Ottawa to say no to Bell Canada's acquisition of Astral Media Inc., and yes to healthy competition.

How Can I Stop It?

The federal government will soon decide whether to allow this deal to go ahead.  We believe the deal should be stopped, because it will be bad for consumers and bad for Canada. Add your voice against this deal by submitting a letter through this website to Canada’s Ministers of Heritage and Industry, the Competition Bureau, the CRTC and your Member of Parliament.

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